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    Peptide Amphiphile micelles (pams)-biomolecular materials capable of modulating the immune system
    Peptide Amphiphile micelles (pams)-biomolecular materials capeble of modulating the immune system
    Periconceptional, gestational, and lactational exposure to unconventional oil and gas chemical mixture alters energy expenditure in adult female mice
    A phenomenological study of lived experiences of learning communties in online courses among undergraduate pre-service teachers
    Photosynthesis and heat tolerance of soybean
    Plasma treatment effects on resin-based tooth restoration improvements
    Plastic and evolved morphological responses of the hind limb skeleton to mechanical loading in mice
    Pluton source varition over two magmatic pulses in the white-inyo range, central-eastern California : implications for paleozoic and mesozoic tectonic reconstructions
    Preventing unjust wars, and lesser aggression
    Preventing unjust wars, and lesser aggresson
    Protein transport : bioinformatics methods for understanding protein subcellular localization
    A qualitative study of administrator and teacher perceptions of changing instructional practices with 1:1 technology
    Regeneration of insulin-producing [beta]-cells during recovery from disease: a cure for Type 1 Diabetes
    Regression analysis of interval-censored failure time data with non proportional hazards models
    Relaciones familiares conflictivas y resignificaci�n de la familia en la narrativa de escritoras Mexicanas contempor�neas
    Relationships between the leadership practices of student union and campus activities directors and the professional outcomes of entry-level professionals
    Rivalry, revelry, and retention : an exploration into the relationship between the academic progress rate and institution, athletic department, and team characteristics
    School climate and culture : a case study on the impact of student perception
    Seeing through satire : how contemporary American fiction critiques the world
    Spill-over of memory effect in younger and older adults : can emotional information become associated with neutral episodic details