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    A qualitative study of administrator and teacher perceptions of changing instructional practices with 1:1 technology
    Regeneration of insulin-producing [beta]-cells during recovery from disease: a cure for Type 1 Diabetes
    Regression analysis of interval-censored failure time data with non proportional hazards models
    Relaciones familiares conflictivas y resignificaci�n de la familia en la narrativa de escritoras Mexicanas contempor�neas
    Relationships between the leadership practices of student union and campus activities directors and the professional outcomes of entry-level professionals
    Rivalry, revelry, and retention : an exploration into the relationship between the academic progress rate and institution, athletic department, and team characteristics
    School climate and culture : a case study on the impact of student perception
    Seeing through satire : how contemporary American fiction critiques the world
    Spill-over of memory effect in younger and older adults : can emotional information become associated with neutral episodic details
    Statistical analysis of clustered or multivariate interval-censored failure time data
    Stigma management strategy effectiveness in procuring job protected leave
    Studying and developing the thin film membranes for reverse osmosis application
    Theoretical analysis of heat and mass transfer processes in an evaporative cooling system with zeolite desiccant powered by solar energy
    "This land is my land" : authority and landscape in American women's nonfiction, 1843-1903
    Three essays in natural resource-led development and economic growth
    Traffic impact assessment and mitigation strategies for disruptions
    Unconscious information progressing in working memory
    The use of pluripotent stem cells as a model for early human placentation
    Using cognitive work analysis to design a continuous quality improvement monitoring system for medical school accreditation
    Utilizing radiotracer and genetic approaches to determine the regulation of sucrose export in maize leaves