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    Adaptive and augmented nonlinear filters : theory and applications [1]
    Analysis and design of reinforced concrete wall systems for blast [1]
    An analysis of the relationship between developmental mathematics and early access to Algebra 1 [1]
    Animals in Rome [1]
    Approaches for comparing the structural characteristics of different representations of transportation systems [1]
    Assessing the effects of anticoagulant rodenticides on non-target fish species [1]
    Atomic-scale studies of chemical and transport processes relevant to propellant combustion [1]
    Biology of uterine glands : impact on reproductive function [2]
    Biomineralizers from the proterozoic to today : assessing taxonomy and paleoecology through the lens of taphonomy [1]
    Bone regenerative engineering via controlled release of simple signaling molecules [1]
    The brown adipose tissue phenoype : metabolic implications [1]
    Capital requirement and financial stability [1]
    Clarifying relational egalitarianism [1]
    Climate and land use effects on hydrologic processes and water allocation in a primarily rain-fed, agricultural watershed [1]
    Clinical deterioration and perception of cues among medical surgical nurses [1]
    Conditional direction dependence analysis in linear models with SPSS macros and custom dialogue implementation [1]
    The consciousness of visual experience [1]
    Cooperative control of multi-agent systems with time-delays [1]
    Decentering experience : beyond visitor or object centered philosophies in university art museums and exhibition design [1]
    Development of radiolabeled metal chalcogenide nanoparticles for targeted adiotherapy against an infection [1]