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    3 essays on monetary and financial economics [1]
    Academic libraries national conference program evaluation : meeting learner needs in a changing profession [1]
    Advocacy INGOs in multi-ethnic societies [1]
    Al-Tahtawi's translations of French works : a precursor to Nahda's and literary modernity in the Arab world [1]
    Ambulatory assessment of physical pain, emotional distress, and alcohol use [1]
    Antenna designs and imaging algorithm for radar-based microwave breast cancer detection [1]
    Anxiety, attentional control, and performance : quiet eye training in Division I baseball [1]
    Big gorgeous jazz machine [1]
    Contribution of the immune system and astrocytes to spinal muscular atrophy pathology [1]
    Decision-making in pediatric hematopoeitic cell transplantation [1]
    The development and implementation of a heuristic for teaching reflective scientific skepticism within a socio-scientific issue instructional framework [1]
    Differences of instructor presence levels in predominately online versus predominately not online courses within the community college setting [1]
    Diverse applications of covalent cross-links in duplex DNA: From anti-cancer drugs to the detection of disease-relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms to the synthesis of well-defined substrates for the study of novel DNA repair processes [1]
    DNA interstrand crosslinks arising from DAN strand breaks at true abasic sites in duplex DNA [1]
    Do my eyes deceive me?: “Acts of Sight” in Naomi Iizuka's Polaroid Stories, Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West, War of the Worlds, and Good Kids [1]
    Does industry specialization and diversification affect audit office growth? [1]
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy in the canine model [1]
    Economic sanctions and human security : overstated backfire [1]
    The education of a gambler's daughter [1]
    The effect of student motivation on career and technical education program completion and continuation [1]