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    Academic libraries national conference program evaluation : meeting learner needs in a changing profession
    Advocacy INGOs in multi-ethnic societies
    Al-Tahtawi’s translations of French works : a precursor to Nahda’s and literary modernity in the Arab world
    Ambulatory assessment of physical pain, emotional distress, and alcohol use
    Anxiety, attentional control, and performance : quiet eye training in Division I baseball
    Big gorgeous jazz machine
    Contribution of the immune system and astrocytes to spinal muscular atrophy pathology
    Decision-making in pediatric hematopoeitic cell transplantion
    The development and implementation of a heuristic for teaching reflective scientific skepticism within a socio-scientific issue instructional framework
    Differences of instructor presence levels in predominately online versus predominately not online courses within the community college setting
    Diverse applications of covalent cross-links in duplex DNA: From anti-cancer drugs to the detection of disease-relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms to the synthesis of well-defined substrates for the study of novel DNA repair processes
    DNA interstrand crosslinks arising from DAN strand breaks at true abasic sites in duplex DNA
    Do my eyes deceive me?: “Acts of Sight” in Naomi Iizuka’s Polaroid Stories, Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West, War of the Worlds, and Good Kids
    Does industry specialization and diversification affect audit office growth?
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy in the canine model
    Economic sanctions and human security : overstated backfire
    The education of a gambler's daughter
    The effect of student motivation on career and technical education program completion and continuation
    The effects of visual programming on elementary school students' computational thinking
    The epistemology of group agents