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    Alumni motivations and social media for engagement [1]
    Assessing soft tissue preservation in a variety of saline Environments through actualistic decay experiments and an isotopic assessment of pyritized plant fossils from the Mazon Creek, IL [1]
    The assessment of soil enzyme activities in multiple land use in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia [1]
    Asymptotic properties of deep water solitary waves with compactly supported vorticity [1]
    Battle Folds [1]
    A bayesian investigation into inhibition mechanisms of contrast and assimilation [1]
    Birds, bird habitat, and vacant lots in north St. Louis, Missouri [1]
    Buying blackness : Black audiences and sports advertising [1]
    Classification of brainwaves using deep learning models [1]
    Clothianidin decomposition in Missouri wetland soils [1]
    Comparative study of brain waves classification using fast fourier transform and feed forward neural network [1]
    Control system design of tape winding machine [1]
    Cost-performance trade-offs in fog computing for IoT data processing of social virtual reality [1]
    Detecting explosive hazards in 3D radar imaging through slice based feature extraction and sequential learning [1]
    Detection and classification of brainwaves using digital signal processing techniques [1]
    The dicamba debate : a content analysis of the portrayal of dicamba herbicide in agricultural media [1]
    Disruptive soldiers : literary responses to the standing army controversy (1688-1846) [1]
    Driving simulator use and calibration for work zone merge sign evaluation [1]
    Effects of heat stress on leukocyte function and gene expression in lactating dairy cows [1]
    Effects of message appeal and efficacy belief on perceptions of oral health messages [1]