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    Altered microrna expression profiles in bovine fetuses with an assisted reproduction-induced congenital overgrowth syndrome [1]
    Associations between cumulative genetic influence for risk-taking and hazardous alcohol use in two independent samples [1]
    Automatic four-limb IMU gait analysis in the canine DMD model [1]
    Development of a dual frequency, folded topology, dielectric waveguide lens antenna [1]
    Development of unfolded fast neutron irradation positions at a 16.5 MeV GE PETtrace cyclotron and chronomorphic characterization of radiation damage on polyurethane [1]
    Dialectical behavior therapy skills for borderline personality disorder features and related indices [1]
    Do infants selectively imitate a transitive and an intransitive agent? [1]
    Dynamically-scalable distributed cluster and cloud computing framework for IoT media data [1]
    Effects of levels of statistics and the role of number anxiety on perceived story credibility and personal involvement [1]
    The elite media framing the emerging markets : a textual analysis of Mongolian case in the Wall Street Journal [1]
    Examining perceptual load capacity in Autism Spectrum Disorders and trait anxiety [1]
    The experimental origins of NPR [1]
    Exploring factors that affect customer satisfaction and dining intention in hotel restaurants compared to stand-alone restaurants [1]
    Finite element analysis for the insertion process of the press-fitted total hip arthroplasty [1]
    Illusion [1]
    Impedance based MEMS sensor for monitoring time sensitive oocyte cryopreservation [1]
    The influence of fusarium species on sweet potato plant performance, root yield and quality [1]
    Into the forest: reading trees in nineteenth-century American literature [1]
    Investigation of finger plate expansion devices behavior [1]
    Knee contact force prediction during a step-up task using a subject specific musculoskeletal model with anatomical knee [1]