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    Subsidizing the press : understanding journalists' attitudes about corporate and government influence and the public interest [1]
    Target detection with morphological shared-weight neural network : different update approaches [1]
    Temporal trends in the Holocene: exploring implications for conservation paleobiology through quantitative assessment of marine mollusks [1]
    Terahertz miim rectenna for energy harvesting applications [1]
    Testing the Twin Cities : a textual analysis of frames surrounding daily Minnesota-St. Paul newspaper coverage of the 2017 Minnesota Lynx [1]
    A textual analysis of women's health magazines : how women's health magazines set the agenda for women's beliefs about cardiovascular disease [1]
    A therapist survey of evidence-based practices in publicly funded youth mental health [1]
    Thermal performance of a Nam-Ju nanostructured copper oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Thickening fluids for pediatric patients with Dysphagia: the challenge of achieving safe viscosities [1]
    This is not a moment. This is a movement : how national newspapers reported 2015 protests against racism at the University of Missouri [1]
    Three dimensional reconstruction of plant roots via low energy x-ray computed tomography [1]
    TMA (track mounted attenuators) involved work zones safety analysis and modeling, using machine learning to predict crash severity and crash frequency in the state of Missouri [1]
    Tweeting while leading : President Trump's Twitter habits from a Washington media perspective [1]
    University student indigenous intercultural sensitivity and short-term study abroad [1]
    The use of magnetic resonance imaging and proton spectroscopy to identify critical tissues in dogs with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for future assessment of therapeutic intervention : a pilot study [1]
    User-generated content as war and peace journalism in the wake of terror [1]
    Utilization of psyllium husk (plantago ovate) powder as a functional ingredient in a processed turkey product [1]
    Variations of functional communication training and their effects on resurgence [1]
    Vegetation management along roadside and railroad right-of-ways [1]
    Visibility of health news outlet attributions on facebook : outcomes for credibility perceptions and recall [1]