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    Development and analysis of a FOXA2 conditional overexpression mouse model [1]
    Development of a novel antimicrobial food packaging film containing silver nanoparticles [1]
    Dietary inflammatory index in patients with Alzheimer's dementia compared to controls [1]
    A digestive phospholipase a2 in Midguts of worker honey bees, Apis mellifera : significance in lipid nutrition and health [1]
    Direct from sample phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing [1]
    Direct-from-sputum rapid phenotypic drug susceptibility test for mycobacteria [1]
    & the dynamo [1]
    Editorial analytics : how a U.S. newspaper applies data to match target audiences [1]
    Effect of preovulatory estradiol and(or) postovulatory progesterone on the establishment of pregnancy in beef cattle [1]
    The effect of reduced nocturnal temperatures on the performance of broiler chicks and hen turkey poults from 0 to 21 days of age [1]
    The effects of culturally-based accommodations on behavioral skills training [1]
    Effects of journalism education on student engagement : a case study of a small-town scholastic press programe [1]
    Electrospinning lecithin-polycaprolactone scaffolds with gold nanoparticles for osteoarthritis prevention [1]
    Emulsification properties of heated whey protein-pectin formed at neutral pH [1]
    ENSO and PDO-related variability in South Pacific circulation patterns and seasonal range prediction for Bolivia in South America [1]
    Estimating the water budget of extratropical cyclones with the precipitation efficiency [1]
    Estrogen signaling and UCP1 : exploring mechanisms to improve metabolic health [1]
    Evaluating progestin-based protocols to control estrous cycles of beef heifers prior to timed artificial insemination [1]
    Evaluating the use of Facebook brand pages by television journalists to promote their professional brand [1]
    Evaluation and development of early pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cattle [1]