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    Emulsification properties of heated whey protein-pectin formed at neutral pH
    ENSO and PDO-related variability in South Pacific circulation patterns and seasonal range prediction for Bolivia in South America
    Estimating the water budget of extratropical cyclones with the precipitation efficiency
    Estrogen signaling and UCP1 : exploring mechanisms to improve metabolic health
    Evaluating the use of Facebook brand pages by television journalists to promote their professional brand
    Evaluation and development of early pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cattle
    Evaluation and development of first order fire effects mortality model predictions for eastern hardwood forests
    Evaluation of a solid-liquid manure separation operation
    Evaluation of stress in concrete using ultrasonic waves
    Experiencing meaning in the misfortune of others: schadenfreude, just world beliefs, and meaning in life
    Exploring behavior on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election
    Extending and applying properties of the uc generalized matrix inverse
    Factors affecting neonatal and peripartum maternal metabolism and behavior in beef cattle and horses
    "The food is so good" : why consumers positively cope with product-harm crisis
    Forward osmosis with an algal draw solution for wastewater concentrating and polishing
    Framing practices of wire services in modern wartime : international frames during the final six months of the battle of aleppo
    From research to relationship : towards affinity-based scholarship and indigenous community empowerment
    Generation Z perceptions of product placement in original Netflix content
    Grasshopper and bee communities on missouri prairies : comparing reconstructions and remnants