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    Helium segregation and migration behavior near symmetric tilt grain boundaries in tungsten [1]
    High intensity drinking : prevalence and correlates in a community-based sample of Australian adults [1]
    "Hollywood and beyond" : an intersectional analysis of how Teen Vogue covered the #MeToo movement [1]
    How brands engage with college students [1]
    How NBA teams use twitter as a brand management tool [1]
    How to use social networking sites as a tool to support Spanish language teaching for Spanish elementary levels courses at the university level [1]
    Implementation of a low-cost, web-based, multi-component training for trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy [1]
    Improving the clinical utility of diadochokinetic tasks for early detection of neurological tongue dysfunction [1]
    In situ polymerizing collagen for the development of 3D printed tissue engineering scaffolds [1]
    In the land of hobitss where the slow slip events lie [1]
    In vitro digestion and beta-carotene delivery of emulsion stabilized by heated WPI and pectin mixture [1]
    Influence of immersion on user's spatial presence and memory in virtual environments [1]
    Integrating cover crops into crop rotations in upstate Missouri [1]
    Interactions between cover crops, herbicides and weeds in soybean production systems [1]
    Investigating the relative salience of race, sex, and facial expressions of emotion among preschoolers : introducing a new facial categorization task [1]
    An investigation into thermoelectric coolers [1]
    Investigation of high strain rate properties of graphene reinforced aluminum foam under varying temperature [1]
    Journalists' use of newspaper comment sections in the newsgathering process [1]
    Lean and mean : determining how hiring multimedia journalists transforms communications teams [1]
    Mitigation of summertime boar infertility by evaporative and conductive cooling [1]