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    Factors affecting neonatal and peripartum maternal metabolism and behavior in beef cattle and horses
    "The food is so good" : why consumers positively cope with product-harm crisis
    Forward osmosis with an algal draw solution for wastewater concentrating and polishing
    Framing practices of wire services in modern wartime : international frames during the final six months of the battle of aleppo
    From research to relationship : towards affinity-based scholarship and indigenous community empowerment
    Generation Z perceptions of product placement in original Netflix content
    Grasshopper and bee communities on missouri prairies : comparing reconstructions and remnants
    Habitat selection and movement by spotted bass and shorthead redhorse downstream of a hydropeaking dam in Missouri
    Happy to serve : the role of audience engagement in journalism job satisfaction
    Helium segregation and migration behavior near symmetric tilt grain boundaries in tungsten
    “Hollywood and beyond” : an intersectional analysis of how Teen Vogue covered the #MeToo movement
    How brands engage with college students
    How NBA teams use twitter as a brand management tool
    How to use social networking sites as a tool to support Spanish language teaching for Spanish elementary levels courses at the university level
    Implementation of a low-cost, web-based, multi-component training for trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy
    Improving the clinical utility of diadochokinetic tasks for early detection of neurological tongue dysfunction
    In situ polymerizing collagen for the development of 3D printed tissue engineering scaffolds
    In the land of hobitss where the slow slip events lie
    In vitro digestion and beta-carotene delivery of emulsion stabilized by heated WPI and pectin mixture