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    Implementation of a low-cost, web-based, multi-component training for trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy
    Improving the clinical utility of diadochokinetic tasks for early detection of neurological tongue dysfunction
    In situ polymerizing collagen for the development of 3D printed tissue engineering scaffolds
    In the land of hobitss where the slow slip events lie
    In vitro digestion and beta-carotene delivery of emulsion stabilized by heated WPI and pectin mixture
    Influence of immersion on user's spatial presence and memory in virtual environments
    Integrating cover crops into crop rotations in upstate Missouri
    Interactions between cover crops, herbicides and weeds in soybean production systems
    Investigating the relative salience of race, sex, and facial expressions of emotion among preschoolers : introducing a new facial categorization task
    An investigation into thermoelectric coolers
    Investigation of high strain rate properties of graphene reinforced aluminum foam under varying temperature
    Journalists' use of newspaper comment sections in the newsgathering process
    Lean and mean : determining how hiring multimedia journalists transforms communications teams
    Mitigation of summertime boar infertility by evaporative and conductive cooling
    Mother adolescent relationships and mental health five years later : the moderating effect of chronic medical conditions
    New perspective on the role of conceptus estrogens in conceptus development, maternal recognition, and the establishment of pregnancy in pigs.
    New slip and stress distributions hold implications for the next great earthquake in Cascadia
    Nitrogen management strategies to improve corn growth and reduce soil greenhouse gas emissions from claypan soils
    Non-intrusive energy use efficiency index for assessing energy efficiency of a home
    Non-invasive monitoring of vital signs using recliner chair and respiratory pattern analysis