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    Parametric study of the shock driven multiphase flow
    Paternal developmental exposure to endometriosis causes negative transgenerational impacts on male fertility
    Perforated sovereignty : the geopolitical dilemma of Aegean hydrocarbons
    Physiological and pharmacological characterization of the N1303K mutant CFTR
    Post-construction verification of hydraulic conductivity of soil in an earthen dam
    Preventing inaccurate media : a gatekeeping analysis of how news managers are overseeing the process of citizen journalism
    Psychosis risk is associated with decreased white matter integrity in corticostriatal tracts
    The racialization of Islam in Germany
    "Racism lives here" : racial ideologies in local news media coverage of student university protests
    Red lion in winter : the life and times of Claude M. Lightfoot
    Relationship counseling for advertising agencies and clients : a textual analysis of framing in trade publications
    Remaining relevant in the digital age: the role of the writer in contemporary Russia (the case of Tat’iana Tolstaia)
    Remembering Ali : a study of print media's framing of Muhammad Ali's death
    The role of conflict communication in the link between marital and sibling relationship qualities
    Role of preovulatory estradiol in uterine and luteal function
    Ruinscape : archetpyes of form and spirit
    The Saudi-American aid relationship, 1961-1968
    Second class : local and elite media framing of poverty in the Appalachian opioid epidemic
    Simulation of solar photovoltaic power station
    Single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) discriminations by nanopore sensing