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    Analysis of severe elevated thunderstorms using DCIN and DCAPE
    Analyzing Twitter and Instagram social networks to trace consumer opinion regarding transparency in the apparel supply chain
    Anisotropic shock response of 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6-Trinitrobenzene (TATB)
    Antecedents and motives for smoking in borderline personality disorder
    Are universities "selling" online programs through agenda setting?
    Assessing red wolf conservation based on analyses of habitat suitability and human perception of carnivores
    An assessment of medication pattern changes in prescription received by youth offenders in divison of youth services facilities through telepsychiatry
    Association between positive emotion regulation strategies and the reward positivity
    Between-row mower design for weed control in organically grown no-till soybeans
    Beyond sight
    Boxing and mixed martial arts: sociocultural cues, ego enhancement, and aggression
    Calculated versus measured static capacity for two pile types
    Carbon dioxide adsorption on carbonized cigarette filters
    Carbon nanotube forests: synthesis, patterning, milling, mechanics, and applications
    Characterization of agroforestry feedstocks and their biochars and their effects on soil greenhouse gas emissions in a floodplain soil
    Characterizing hormesis and the in vitro effects of sub-lethal fungicide exposure in sclerotinia homoeocarpa
    Children's evaluation of everyday social encounters questionnaire -- short form validation
    Chronomorphic characterization and radiolytic degradation analysis of polyurethane with monte carlo modeling of the neutron spectra surrounding age pettrace cyclotron
    Comparison of left 4th and 5th intercostal space thoracotomy for open-chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation in dogs
    Contactless extraction of respiratory rate from depth and thermal sensors