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    • Eall-feala Ealde Sæge: Poetic Performance and "The Scop's Repertoire" in Old English Verse
      by Paul Battles, Charles D. Wright
    • Between the Oral and the Literary: The Case of the Naxi Dongba Texts
      by Duncan Poupard
    • The Fairy-Seers of Eastern Serbia: Seeing Fairies—Speaking through Trance
      by Maria Vivod
    • A New Approach to the Classification of Gaelic Song
      by Virginia Blankenhorn
    • Oral Features of the Qur'ān Detected in Public Recitation
      by Mary Knight
    • A Pebble Smoothed by Tradition: Lines 607-61 of Beowulf as a Formulaic Set-piece
      by Michael D. C. Drout, Leah Smith

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