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    Fossils, apes, man, and culture : intelligence, water, menopause [1]
    General genetic recombination in bacteriophage T4 : DNA exchange, DNA- protein-protein interactions [1]
    Genetical and chromosomal relationships among the wheats and their relatives : aneuploid genetics, isozymes, gene and chromosome evolution, triticum, wheat [1]
    Genetics and molecular biology of plastids of higher plants : plastids in male gametes, mutation induction, nitroso - urea, plastid mutants, thylakoid proteins, plastid ribosome deficiency, pollen, chloroplast, photosynthesis, mitochondria [1]
    Molecular structure of the ovalbumin gene and its genotypic alleles : (DNA cloning, intervening sequences, restriction mapping, electromicroscopic mapping) [1]
    Neurospora as an object for cytogenetic research : chromosome rearrangements, crossing over, duplications, meiosis, meiotic drive, recombination [1]
    The recA protein of E. coli : regulation and function in recombination and repair : UV induction, autoregulatory model, DNA binding protein, DNA renaturation, strand assimilation [1]
    Role of gene duplication in the evolution of complex physiological mechanisms : an assessment based on protein sequence data : (gene duplication, protein sequences, evolutionary trees, serine proteases, immunoglobulins, evolution of muscle types) [1]
    Stadler Genetics Symposia, volume 11, 1979 : Preliminaries and back matter [1]
    Ti plasmids of agrobacterium : potentials for genetic engineering : plasmids, genetic engineering, crown gall, tumors [1]