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    5S: a workplace case study
    Annie Malone and Poro College: building an empire of beauty in St. Louis, Missouri from 1915-1930
    Biracial children's psychosocial development from kindergarten to fifth grade: links to individual and contextual characteristics
    College Students' Choice of Informal Learning Spaces
    Competition or cooperation?: a study of the relationship between import penetration and the operation of the U.S. textile and apparel industries from 2002 to 2008
    Constructing a grounded theory of influences on paternal involvement in the treatment and care of children with type-1 diabetes
    Coparenting in low-income, African American, single mother households: an examination of their formation, and the roles of social support and relationship quality
    Design and construction process of two LEED certified university buildings: a collective case study
    The effect of the physical classroom environment on literacy outcomes: how 3rd grade teachers use the physical classroom to implement a balanced literacy curriculum
    Emerging adults' views about couple and personal satisfaction in various gender role relationships
    Examining the relationship between place attachment and community involvement: impact on social capital in communities in rural Missouri
    Factors that influence ease of wayfinding in a hospital setting
    Financial risk attitude and behavior : do planners help increase consistency?
    Finding what works: managing resources to facilitate coparenting in unmarried families
    I'd rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission: sexuality education teachers' identities and agency in the classroom
    The influence of organizational culture and power on status: how it is Manifested in the open office
    The junior apparel consumer: an ethnographic and case study approach examining the current junior wear client
    Legislating home: the impact of the regulation of small house settings for long term care residents in Nova Scotia, Canada
    Longitudinal links between maternal parenting behaviors in early childhood and academic outcomes and mother-child relationship quality in middle childhood
    Love will never be rationed: World War II bridal apparel