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    Canine Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Bridge from Bench to Health for Humans and their Companions [1]
    Commercialization of novel biomarkers of male fertility in humans and farm animals [1]
    Comparative Ophthalmology - scientific discovery and innovation create synergies for veterinary and human medicine [1]
    Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics Expertise to Support Life and Health Sciences Research and Industry [1]
    Creating a Health Care Business from University Research [1]
    Devices and Materials in the Continuous Monitoring of Metabolites [1]
    Early cancer screening with P-scan technology [1]
    Early Cancer Screening with Pteridines as Biomarkers [1]
    Enhancing research in plant biology for the public [1]
    Experiences in Patenting, Licensing and Commercialization of Radiopharmaceuticals [1]
    Freedom to Operate and Selected Issues [1]
    Functional MRI Studies of Health Behaviors [1]
    Genetically-modified animals: powerful tools for biomedical research [1]
    High-throughput genomics and the Sword of Damocles [1]
    In silico Compound Screening for Drug Discovery in the “Cloud” [1]
    Informatics expertise to support life and health sciences research and industry [1]
    Innovation, Inspiration, and Insulation: Practical Legal Measures to Protect Technology [1]
    Integrating academic research, clinical research and private practice: a unique opportunity for translational medicine [1]
    Interactive mapping: overlaying local and national data [1]
    Jump Starting and Moving New Technologies to Marketplace [1]