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  • Pierre Wibaux, Bad Lands rancher 

    Welsh, Donald Hugh (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1955)
    "The passage of time has, in a large sense, served to make the name of Pierre Wibaux legendary. He has been called the largest individual cattle owner in the United States, which is not true. He has been pointed out as the ...
  • The survivals of medieval religious drama in New Mexico 

    Martin, Charles B. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1959)
    Every year in many remote villages in New Mexico people gather at Christmas and Easter to witness dramatic productions of Biblical stories concerning these two seasons. Although these religious performances have taken on ...
  • The metabolism and localization of glycerol by bovine spermatozoa 

    Pickett, B. W (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1958)
    Since the discovery that glycerol, a trihydroxy alcohol, would provide protection for spermatozoa during the freezing and thawing process, many questions have arisen concerning its metabolism and mode of action. Most of ...