Recent Submissions

  • The history of the Knapheide Wagon Co. 

    Condron, Harry David (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1941)
    "The parallel between the Knapheide Wagon Co. and the wagon industry as a whole is worth noting. The Knapheide Co. started as an association between two skilled workmen, a wagon maker and a blacksmith; with little or no ...
  • State police jurisdiction in the United States 

    Evans, Chester Alva (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1947)
    "At the outset of this study of the present jurisdiction of each of the state police organizations of the Unites States, it will be worthwhile to consider some of the factors which brought the state trooper into the state ...
  • Place names of five southeast counties of Missouri 

    Zimmer, Gertrude Minnie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1944)
    ...This sixteenth study, a continuation of the project, covers one of the most interesting sections of the state. The district of the Sainte Genevieve was one of the political divisions in what is now Missouri during the ...
  • The Civil War experiences of General M. Jeff Thompson in 1861 

    Westover, John Glendower (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1941)
    "Only the first year of Jeff Thompson's account of his Civil War experiences is included in this study. His reminiscences, however, run from January 1, 1861, to June 6, 1865, covering his military career in considerable ...
  • British outlook on America, 1800-1850 

    Steel, Ruth Marjorie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1942)
    The British Outlook on America offers an interesting field for study and one in which there is a vast amount of material both in books and periodicals. This subject has been treated in such works as The English Traveller ...
  • The place names of four river counties in eastern Missouri 

    Harrison, Eugenia Lillian (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1943)
    "...In 1928 the study of Missouri place-names was started at the University of Missouri. Graduate English students interested in the history and linguistics of the names in their own state have chosen to write theses ...
  • The organ symphonies of Louis Vierne 

    Bedford, William Charles (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1942)
    Louis Vierne stood in an exceedingly favorable position in the matter of the influences which were at work upon him. Though he profited immeasurably by his study with both Widor and Guilmant, he himself possessed an advantage ...
  • Cheyenne and Sioux Indian relations along the Oregon Trail 

    March, David D. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1941)
    "Summary: The relationship between the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians and the emigrants before the Treaty of Laramie in 1851 may be characterized as fairly amicable in spite of mutual irritations. The Indians were at first ...
  • Place names of five southern border counties of Missouri 

    Pottenger, Cora Ann (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1945)
    Counties: Butler, Carter, Howell, Oregon, and Ripley.
  • Place names of five south central counties of Missouri 

    Overlay, Fauna Robertson (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1943)
    Counties: Benton, Camden, Hickory, Morgan, and Pettis
  • A laboratory method for the evaluation of iron ores for use in the steam-iron process for the production of hydrogen 

    Heinze, Robert Christian (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1949)
    Hydrogen has long been an important industrial substance and several processes for its economical production have been used. One of the older processes utilizes the interaction of steam and iron used is ordinarily spathic ...
  • Economic aspects of recreation in the Lake of Ozark Area 

    Snipe, J. Roger (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1941)
    "Recreation has been defined as the creative use of leisure time. Although there are many of recreation, this study is primarily concerned with the form of recreation that takes place in the natural environment. The natural ...