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    Be a Man and Stop Sexual Assault: Take the I-Position?
    Choral Directors’ Experiences with Gender-Inclusive Teaching Practices Among Transgender Students
    Daughter of Bird and Earth
    Developing and Utilizing Multivariate Stochastic Wireless Channel Models
    Development of Aerial-Ground Sensing Network: Architecture, Sensor Activation, and Spatial Path-Energy Optimization
    Due Process for Whom?: Evaluation of Sexual Misconduct Policies at Institutions of Higher Education From the Lens of the Respondent
    Former Inmates’ Perceptions and Beliefs About The Value of Earning a High School Diploma
    A Heuristic Narratological Case Study of the Literacy Experiences of High School Seniors in an Urban High School
    Historical Trauma, Coping, and Positive Mental Health Among American Indians
    How Religious Narratives and Rituals Function in Constructing the Experience of Immigrants Within the Context of a Haitian Baptist Church in South Florida
    Narrative Exploration of Teacher Experiences in Culturally Responsive Gifted Education
    Novel Folic Acid Targeted Nanomicelles For Delivery Of Hydrophobic Drugs To The Back Of The Eye
    Organizational Culture and Failure to Fail in Academic Programs of Nursing
    Post-Simulation Structured Debriefing on Clinical Reasoning Skills Among Associate Degree Nursing Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Purposeful Simulation Role Assignment
    Resource Transformation Through Capitalization Processes in Community Economic Development
    Saudization or Sustainable Jobs Creation: Two Approaches In Solving Unemployment in Saudi Arabia
    School Counseling for the Achievement Gap: Attitudes and Beliefs of School Counseling Graduate Students About Culturally Responsive School Counseling
    Scissors for Orchestra
    The STRATA Study: Structural Antecedents of Tdap Administration in Obstetrical Practices in the Midwestern United States