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    A descriptive, cross-sectional, correlational exploration of perceived stress, quality of life, and family functioning in parents of a child with congenital heart disease: The PinCHeD Study [1]
    A Heuristic Multiple-Case Study of Culturally Relevant Practices of Six Urban Elementary School Principals [1]
    A qualitative case study deconstructing teachers' decisions in the pre-active stage of teaching to illuminate considerations made for teaching 21st-century skills and knowledge [1]
    A retrospective study of the clinical capstone experience on perceptions of practice readiness in associate degree student nurses and perceptors [1]
    Acculturation and Enculturation, Model Minority Stereotype, Distress, and Life Satisfaction in 1.5 Generation Asian Adolescents [1]
    An Investigation into the Contribution of Hybrid Renewable Energy System to Utility Grid in the Regions with Arid Climate [1]
    Barriers to and Facilitators of Infertility Medication Adherence: A Mixed Methods Study [1]
    Be a Man and Stop Sexual Assault: Take the I-Position? [1]
    "Can I get a second opinion?" How user characteristics impact trust in automation in a medical screening task [1]
    Characteristic Mode Analysis of Crumpled Graphene Flakes and A New Green’s Functions Evaluation Method for Layered Media [1]
    Choral Directors’ Experiences with Gender-Inclusive Teaching Practices Among Transgender Students [1]
    Daughter of Bird and Earth [1]
    Developing and Utilizing Multivariate Stochastic Wireless Channel Models [1]
    Development and pilot test of a conscientization intervention for nurses who have experienced moral distress [1]
    Development of Aerial-Ground Sensing Network: Architecture, Sensor Activation, and Spatial Path-Energy Optimization [1]
    Due Process for Whom?: Evaluation of Sexual Misconduct Policies at Institutions of Higher Education From the Lens of the Respondent [1]
    Efficient sequential designs with asymptotic second-order lower bound of Bayes risk for estimating product of means [1]
    Estrogen Regulation of the Wnt/β-catenin Pathway in Osteocytes in Response to Mechanical Loading [1]
    The Experiences of Students Who Do Not Graduate with their Cohort [1]
    Former Inmates’ Perceptions and Beliefs About The Value of Earning a High School Diploma [1]