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    A descriptive, cross-sectional, correlational exploration of perceived stress, quality of life, and family functioning in parents of a child with congenital heart disease: The PinCHeD Study
    A Heuristic Multiple-Case Study of Culturally Relevant Practices of Six Urban Elementary School Principals
    A qualitative case study deconstructing teachers' decisions in the pre-active stage of teaching to illuminate considerations made for teaching 21st-century skills and knowledge
    A retrospective study of the clinical capstone experience on perceptions of practice readiness in associate degree student nurses and perceptors
    Acculturation and Enculturation, Model Minority Stereotype, Distress, and Life Satisfaction in 1.5 Generation Asian Adolescents
    Barriers to and Facilitators of Infertility Medication Adherence: A Mixed Methods Study
    Be a Man and Stop Sexual Assault: Take the I-Position?
    "Can I get a second opinion?" How user characteristics impact trust in automation in a medical screening task
    Characteristic Mode Analysis of Crumpled Graphene Flakes and A New Green’s Functions Evaluation Method for Layered Media
    Choral Directors’ Experiences with Gender-Inclusive Teaching Practices Among Transgender Students
    Daughter of Bird and Earth
    Developing and Utilizing Multivariate Stochastic Wireless Channel Models
    Development and pilot test of a conscientization intervention for nurses who have experienced moral distress
    Development of Aerial-Ground Sensing Network: Architecture, Sensor Activation, and Spatial Path-Energy Optimization
    Due Process for Whom?: Evaluation of Sexual Misconduct Policies at Institutions of Higher Education From the Lens of the Respondent
    Efficient sequential designs with asymptotic second-order lower bound of Bayes risk for estimating product of means
    The Experiences of Students Who Do Not Graduate with their Cohort
    Former Inmates’ Perceptions and Beliefs About The Value of Earning a High School Diploma
    From the Classroom to the Boardroom: A Phenomenological Study of Seven Superintendents
    A Heuristic Narratological Case Study of the Literacy Experiences of High School Seniors in an Urban High School