Items in this collection represent public presentations made by Division of Plant Sciences faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format.

Recent Submissions

  • Plants are just very slow animals 

    Schultz, Jack C. (2010-03)
    Most of us regard plants as quite different from animals, and many of us think of them as furniture. But plants actually share a very large number of biological functions with the animal kingdom, including mechanisms for ...
  • Gary Stacey Podcast 

    Stacey, Gary, 1951- (University of Missouri (System), 2009-04)
    MSMC Endowed Professor of Soybean Biotechnology and Director of the Center for Sustainable Energy Gary Stacey discusses how the center addresses the nation's energy needs.
  • Nitrogen: The key to biofuel energy balance [abstract] 

    Scharf, Peter C. (Peter Clifton), 1959-; Palm, Harlan Lee, 1943-; Kitchen, Newell R.; Sudduth, Kenneth A., 1958- (2009-04)
    Vigorous debate continues regarding the net energy that can be gained in producing liquid fuels from crop materials. However, it is clear that the net energy gain from the process is small relative to the energy demands ...
  • Engineering of biofuel crops for improving alternative energy production [abstract] 

    Yin, Xiaoyan, 1979-; Zhang, Zhanyuan (2009-04)
    Genetic engineering plays a unique and important role in improving crop traits. Teaming up with three other laboratories (Drs. Gary Stacey, Xu Dong, and Monty Kerley) at MU and several other institutions in Missouri, we ...
  • Genetic Mapping of Soybean Cyst Nematode (Heterodera glycines) Resistance to Enhance Soybean Production in the United States [abstract] 

    Vuong, T. D.; Wu, Xiaolei R.; Sleper, D. A.; Shannon, J. Grover; Nguyen, Henry T. (2009)
    Soybean cyst nematode (SCN, Heterodera glycines) is the most destructive pest of soybean in the United States, resulting in an annual extensive yield loss of approximately $1.5 billion in the United States alone. Breeding ...
  • Genomic strategies for soybean oil improvement and biodiesel production 

    Kumar, Rajesh; Valliyodan, Babu; Joshi, Trupti, 1977-; Xu, Dong, 1965-; Lee, Jeong; Sleper, D. A.; Hyten, David; Cregan, Perry B.; Shannon, J. Grover; Nguyen, Henry T.; Rajesh, P. N. (2009-04)
    Soybean oil, a promising renewable energy resource, comprises 73% of biodiesel in addition to other industrial applications. Missouri is the fifth largest state in the US for soybean plantation. With the target to produce ...
  • Constructing proteome and metabolome maps for genetic improvement of energy-related traits in soybean [abstract] 

    Valliyodan, Babu; Brechenmacher, Laurent; Cheng, Jianlin, 1972-; Xu, Dong, 1965-; Stacey, Gary, 1951-; Nguyen, Henry T. (2009)
    Although the genetic blueprint of soybean is represented by the genome, its phenotype is a product of that blueprint manifested as the production of proteins and metabolites influencing growth characteristics, stress ...
  • An integrated approach to use genetic resources for resurrection plants to enhance drought tolerance in breeding-extension programs [abstract] 

    Oliver, Melvin J.; Cushman, John; Espinoza, Catherine G., 1978-; Sharp, Bob (Robert E.); Payton, Paxton (2009)
    The ultimate goals of this project are to gain a basic understanding of the unique gene and gene regulatory networks that are necessary and sufficient for vegetative tissues to withstand dehydration and then rapidly recover ...
  • Root Growth under Drought --- Role of Cell Wall Localized Reactive Oxygen Species [abstract] 

    Voothuluru, Priyamvada; Yamaguchi, Mineo; Zhu, Jinming; Cho, In-jeong, 1970-; LeNoble, Mary E.; Oliver, Melvin J.; Simmonds, John; Sharp, Bob (Robert E.) (2009)
    Drought is the most important cause of crop failure in Missouri and limits crop production in large parts of the US and the world. The root system is critical to plant adaption and crop productivity in drought-prone ...
  • Molecular mechanisms of effector-triggered immunity in plants [abstract] 

    Kim, Sang Hee, 1975-; Gao, Fei; Bhattacharjee, Saikat; Gassmann, Walter, 1964- (2009)
    Like other organisms, plants are continuously exposed to potential pathogens. Yet most plants are resistant to most pathogens because of multi-layered defenses. The most potent forms of plant defenses are triggered when ...
  • The University of Missouri Center for Sustainable Energy 

    Stacey, Gary, 1951- (2009-04)
    The University of Missouri Center for Sustainable Energy was formed as a collaboration between the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the College of Engineering. Over 70 faculty members, from a wide ...
  • Plant Adaptation to Drought --- Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Missouri [abstract] 

    Sharp, Bob (Robert E.); Fritschi, Felix B., 1969-; Galen, Candace Elizabeth; Kallenbach, Robert L.; Liscum, Emmanuel; Nguyen, Henry T.; Oliver, Melvin J.; Pallardy, Stephen G.; Shannon, J. Grover; Sleper, D. A.; Xiong, Xi (2009)
    Drought is the most important cause of crop failure in Missouri and limits plant productivity in large parts of the US and the world. Drought induces severe reductions in average annual crop yields on a regional scale and ...
  • Nitrogen Fertilization for Sweet Sorghum Used for Producing Ethanol Fuel [abstract] 

    Stevens, Gene; Holou, Roland Ahouélété Yaovi, 1975-; Rhine, Matthew D.; Heiser, James W. (2009)
    An experiment is being conducted to determine optimum nitrogen fertilizer rates for producing ethanol from corn and sweet sorghum on three Delta soils in Southeast Missouri. Sweet sorghum in commonly grown in Missouri ...
  • Nitrogen management for biofuel production from sweet sorghum [abstract] 

    Holou, Roland Ahouélété Yaovi, 1975-; Stevens, Gene (2009)
    The energy crisis is one of the most challenging problems humankind is facing today. Therefore, it is important to find ways to meet the need. To achieve this goal, sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is holding promise for ...
  • Nutrients management for biofuel production from switchgrass [abstract] 

    Holou, Roland Ahouélété Yaovi, 1975-; Stevens, Gene (2009)
    Due to the rising need to find alternative fuel sources, much attention has been given to biofuel in the recent past. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is one of the prospective plants for cellulosic ethanol production. For ...