Items in this collection represent public presentations made by Department of Computer Science faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format.

Recent Submissions

  • Help! Where am I? 

    Keller, James M. (2010)
    Professor James M. Keller of the University of Missouri-Columbia department of Computer Sciences delivers a summary lecture on fuzzy logic and computer engineering.
  • Constructing proteome and metabolome maps for genetic improvement of energy-related traits in soybean [abstract] 

    Valliyodan, Babu; Brechenmacher, Laurent; Cheng, Jianlin, 1972-; Xu, Dong, 1965-; Stacey, Gary, 1951-; Nguyen, Henry T. (2009)
    Although the genetic blueprint of soybean is represented by the genome, its phenotype is a product of that blueprint manifested as the production of proteins and metabolites influencing growth characteristics, stress ...