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    Delta Center, Portageville. [1]
    Delta soils of southeast Missouri [1]
    Department of Dairy Husbandary : A test of tin can separators ; A test of a fly repellant [1]
    Departmental savings and loss characteristics for 12 locally owned farmer cooperatives, 1985 [1]
    Descriptive analysis of the Missouri restaurant industry [1]
    Desiccated pancreas as a meat tenderizer [1]
    Design & construction small wastewater flows on-site systems [1]
    Design and testing of a hair measurement beta-gauge. [1]
    Design data for above-ground horizontal silos. I, Grass, legume and wheat silage [1]
    Design data for above-ground horizontal silos. II, Chopped corn [1]
    Design of submerged flow wetlands for individual homes and small wastewater flows [1]
    The detection of syngamin, an indigenous plant hormone, by culture of immature corn embryos [1]
    Deterioration in frozen pork as related to fat composition, storage temperature, length of storage period and packaging treatment [1]
    The determination of lindane residues on pickles : critical points in the Schechter-Hornstein colorimetric method [1]
    The determination of methemoglobin in beef muscle extracts [1]
    A determination of objective carcass grade standards for slaughter hogs [1]
    A determination of the blood and plasma volume of dairy cattle : a study of blood and plasma volume during growth, pregnancy, and lactation [1]
    The determination of the rate of thyroxine secretion by certain domestic animals [1]
    The determination of the surface area of young women and its use in expressing basal metabolic rate [1]
    Determining maximum net returns for cropping systems on Marshall soil using linear programming [1]