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    The distribution of federal outlays within Missouri [1]
    Distribution of food to lower income families in Harrison County [1]
    Distribution of health services in Missouri [1]
    The distribution of the genus Phytophthora [1]
    Distribution of the mineral elements in the animal body as influenced by age and condition. [1]
    Disturbances in the natural oxidation-reduction equilibrium of milk with special reference to the use of dehydrated milks in the manufacture of cottage cheese [1]
    Diurnal metabolic and activity rhythms. [1]
    Divergent and concerted evolution of the two regions encompassing the iso-1- cytochrome c and iso-2-cytochrome c genes of yeast : (saccharomyces cerevisiae, cytochrome c of yeast, evolution of yeast, cloning yeast genes, recombinant DNA, transpositions, composite genes) [1]
    The Division of Animal Sciences : University of Missouri, 100 years [1]
    DNA packaging in isolated bacterial nucleoids : (chromosomes, DNA tertiary structure, nucleoids, DNA folding, DNA supercoiling, nascent RNA, membrane-DNA) [1]
    DNA uptake by bacteria and eucaryotic cells [1]
    Docking and castrating lambs [1]
    The draft of farm wagons as affected by height of wheel and width of tire [1]
    Drainage investigations on the northeast Missouri prairie : first report [1]
    A drawbar dynamometer and its use in soil tillage experiments [1]
    Drilling fine limestone for legumes [1]
    Drilling limestone for legumes [1]
    Duct growth factor. [1]
    The durability of fence posts [2]
    Dwarfism in beef cattle and the influence of dwarfism genes on physiological response to hormone-induced stress [1]