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    Economic strategies for coping with black cutworms in Northwest Missouri [1]
    Economic survey of small slaughtering plants in Missouri [1]
    Economic, social and governmental problems encountered in the development of the Wappapello flood control area in Missouri [1]
    Economics of milk production in Mexico's humid tropics [1]
    Economics of strawberry production and marketing in Missouri [1]
    Economies of size in hog production [1]
    The economy of the Central American Common Market : an update [1]
    Edited NSSL meso-scale upper air network data in southwestern Oklahoma, 1966 and 1967 [1]
    Educational choices and expectations of male students entering a midwestern university [1]
    The effect of a varying moisture supply upon the development and composition of the maize plant at different periods of growth [1]
    The effect of a varying supply of nutrients upon the character and composition of the maize plant at different periods of growth [1]
    The effect of angle of turning eggs during incubation on hatchability [1]
    Effect of biological and therapeutical agents upon Brucella titers in cattle [1]
    Effect of capital rationing and time on optimal farm organizations [1]
    The effect of certain packaging and storage treatments on the acceptability of frozen beef [1]
    The effect of composition and serving temperature upon consumer acceptance and dispensing qualities of ice cream [1]
    Effect of constant environmental temperatures of 50 degrees and 80 degrees F on ovarian activity of Braham [Brahman], Santa Gertrudis, and Shorthorn calves with a note on physical activity. [1]
    The Effect of continued testing upon consumer evaluation of beef loin steaks [1]
    The effect of cultures and the relation of acid standardization to several of the physical and chemical properties of ice cream [1]
    Effect of date of seeding on the yield and test-weight of oat varieties [1]