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    Early embryonic mortality in strain crossed gilts [1]
    An economic analysis of alternative beef cattle systems for a large farm in central Missouri [1]
    An economic analysis of federal regulation of the St. Louis milk marketing area [1]
    Economic analysis of potato, corn and wheat response to nitrogen and phosphorus application in the highlands of Ecuador [1]
    An economic and epidemiologic simulation [1]
    Economic aspects of recreational land use in the Lake of the Ozarks area [1]
    Economic classes and types of farms in Missouri [1]
    Economic considerations of the effects of sire and length of feeding on beef steers and carcasses [1]
    Economic development via new crops products from agriculture : report of seminar on agricultural marketing and policy, College of Agriculture and Extension Division, University of Missouri, November 15-16 1990 Columbia, Missouri. [1]
    An economic evaluation of market functions and the evaluation of grade standards for table eggs [1]
    Economic evaluation of pasture and dry-lot feeding for dairy cattle [1]
    An economic evaluation of total confinement, partial confinement, and pasture swine production systems [1]
    Economic facts on the hog industry of Missouri [1]
    The economic feasibility of commercial fruit and vegetable production and processing in the Missouri delta [1]
    Economic feasibility of small upstream impoundments in the Big Creek watershed [1]
    Economic impact of alternative grain transportation systems : a northwest Missouri case study [1]
    Economic position of the dairy industry in Missouri [1]
    Economic position of the grape industry in Missouri [1]
    Economic potential for beef cows [1]
    The economic status of 436 families of Missouri clerical workers and wage earners [1]