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    Game bird investigations : quail and chukar partridges [1]
    Garden beans [1]
    Gene conversion in unselected tetrads from multipoint crosses [1]
    Gene structure and gene function : in memoriam Lewis John Stadler 1896-1954 [1]
    A gene-enzyme relationship in neurospora : (neurospora, complementation, amino acid substitutions, chain termination, suppression, osmotic repair) [1]
    General genetic recombination in bacteriophage T4 : DNA exchange, DNA- protein-protein interactions [1]
    General-purpose spray mixtures for home fruit plantings [1]
    General-purpose sprays for home fruit plantings [1]
    Generalities and experiments in spaying cattle (to be continued) : appendix on glanders [1]
    Genes, intelligence and education [1]
    Genetic analysis of photosynthesis [1]
    Genetic and environmental factors affecting litter size in swine [1]
    Genetic and environmental factors influencing the weaning weight of beef calves [1]
    Genetic approaches to the study of ribosomes [1]
    Genetic aspects of reproduction in swine [1]
    The genetic complexity of the R locus in maize : (gene complex, regulatory elements, paramutation) [1]
    The genetic control of mutation in drosophila : spontaneous mutation, mutator genes, mitotic recombination [1]
    Genetic factors affecting milk production in a selected Holstein-Friesian herd [1]
    A genetic pathway for dauer larva formation in caenorhabditis elegans : (nematode, development, neuron) [1]
    Genetic Regulation of fermentation organisms : fermentation, regulation, antibiotics [1]