Includes several series:

  • Conversations on HPT
    • Program 14
  • EDgeTech
    • Program 4
    • EDgeTech is a series of interactive webcasts featuring interviews with K-12 teachers who are on the 'cutting edge' of educational technology and are doing interesting things with technology in their classrooms.
  • First Tuesday
    • Series 2
    • First Tuesday contains archived broadcasts originally aired from September 6, 2005 through February 27, 2007.
  • HIB Spot
    • Series 14
    • Conversations about current developments in the field of human information behavior (HIB)
  • LiS ClassCast
    • Series 4
    • At various times, SISLT professors will be using LiSRadio as part of their classes. While the content is usually class specific it might well be interesting to listen in. Watch the schedule for possibilities.
  • LiS limited edition
    • Program 5; Series 16
    • LiS Limited Edition is a place where you will find a wide assortment of one-of-a-kind webcasts focused on library science topics.
  • LiSRadio
    • Program 1
    • LIS Radio is a new and exciting series of interactive webcasts brought to you by the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Our aim with these webcasts is to help in "...creating and exploring the intersection of information and learning." We hope to present interesting and stimulating conversations with movers, shakers, and the odd gadfly or two in libraryland. Includes conversations with state and national leaders in the field of Library and Information Science.
  • On the job
    • Series 1 and ID 1
    • This show features interviews with practicing librarians across the country who are currently "on the job". We will be looking at their past and present careers and experiences that prepared them for the library and information field.
  • ShowMe libraries
    • Series 3
    • We will talk with librarians from Missouri and across the country who are doing innovative and exciting things at their library. This program is produced with the cooperation of the Missouri State Library, and is sponsored by the Make A Difference program.
    • Conversations with State and National leaders in the field of Library and Information Science.
  • Tiger Eye Reading Room
    • Series 18
    • Part of the Tiger Eye Reading Community project. LIS faculty interview readers, writers, publishers, and librarians about reading.
  • Voice of Literacy
    • Program 13
    • The Voice of Literacy features interviews with preeminent literacy researchers. These interviews focus on the practical implications of research. Voice of Literacy hosts, Dr. Candace Kuby and Dr. Sarah Vander Zanden, ask researchers to explain how their research can be applied to reading and writing instruction. The purpose of Voice of Literacy is to increase access to and application of literacy research by using interviews and online discussion forums.

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Recent Submissions

  • Lucy Appleton interview 

    Wedman, John; Appleton, Lucy (2006)
    EDgeTech host, John Wedman, interviewed the following student in the Introduction to Technology in Schools course: Lucy Appleton, instructor, Business and Marketing Education, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • ISLT 9441 School Library 

    Wakely, Beth; Hammerschmidt, Laura (2006)
    Beth Wakely interviews Laura Hammerschmidt, a Follett Library Services sales rep. We will discuss how to best utilize a sales rep like Laura and the many services Follett Library Services has for school librarians.
  • Laura Hammerschmidt interview 

    Wakely, Beth; Hammerschmidt, Laura (2007)
    Beth Wakely, instructor for ISLT 9410 Managing the School Library, interviews Laura Hammerschmidt, sales representative for Mackin Library Services, which offers virtually any title for the K-12 library.
  • ISLT 9441 The School Library--interview with a School Librarian 

    Wakely, Beth; Knight, Judi (2006)
    Beth Wakely interviewed Judi Knight an elementary school librarian in the Ferguson Florissant School District.
  • ISLT 9410 Managing the School Library-interview with Laura Hammerschmidt 

    Wakely, Beth; Hammerschmidt, Laura (2008)
    Bath Wakely interviews Laura Hammerschmidt, sales representative for Mackin Library Services.
  • ISLT 9410 Managing the School Library--interview with Diana Doetzel 

    Wakely, Beth; Doetzel, Diana (2008)
    Beth Wakely interviews Diana Doetzel from ProQuest
  • ISLT 9410 Managing the School Library--interview with Tim Heiges 

    Wakely, Beth; Heiges, Tim (2008)
    Beth Wakely interviews Tim Heiges, Regional Sales Manager for EBSCO Host.
  • Matt Villasana interview 

    Wedman, John; Villasana, Matt (2005)
    Dr. Wedman interviews Columbia teacher Matt Villasana about the use of technology in the elementary school classroom.
  • Tiger Eye Reading Room-- Kids Love Comics 

    Seavey, Charley; Gownley, Jimmy (2006)
    Charley Seavey interviews Jimmy Gownley and John Gallagher about their organization, Kids Love Comics. This interview took place on Comic Book Row at the 2006 American Library Association Annual conference in New Orleans.
  • Rukhsana Khan interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Khan, Rukhsana (2006)
    Dr. Seavey and Canadian Muslim author Rukhsana Khan discuss multicultural books and her fiction for children in this interview, which took place in two sessions; one at ALA 2006 in New Orleans, the other by phone three ...
  • Job Opportunities for Next Gen Librarians 

    Seavey, Charley; Holt, Rachel (2005)
    The first "First Tuesday" interview will feature Rachel Holt, co-author of "The Entry Level Gap" (Library Journal May, 2005,) and one of the leaders of the NexGen Librarian group. NexGen is concerned with the perceived gap ...
  • Alexandra Sokoloff interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Sokoloff, Alexandra (2006)
    Charley Seavey interviews Alexandra Sokoloff at the American Library Association Annual conference in New Orleans in June 2006. They discuss haunted college campuses and the implications of writing "for teens."
  • Sara Parker interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Parker, Sara (2005)
    Dr. Charley Seavey interviews Sara Parker, state librarian of Missouri.
  • O.R. Melling interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Melling, O.R. (2006)
    Charley Seavey interviews fantasy author O.R. Melling at the American Library Association annual conference in New Orleans.
  • Robert S. Martin interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Martin, Robert S. (2005)
    Featuring Robert S. Martin, Lillian Bradshaw Endowed Chair in Library Science at Texas Woman's University, and former head of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
  • Carolyn Trout interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Trout, Carolyn (2005)
    Charley Seavey interviews Carolyn Trout, the director of the Joplin Public Library. They discuss collection development for adults, Carnegie libraries, and the author Patrick O'Brien.
  • Library Service to Older Adults and the Baby Boomers 

    Seavey, Charley; Kleiman, Allan (2006)
    Our guest was Allan M. Kleiman, head of reference at Westfield Memorial Library, Westfield, New Jersey. Allan is chair of the American Library Association's Committee on Library Service to the Aging, and was only one of ...
  • SISLT Library Science Radio Hour 

    Seavey, Charley (2005)
    This show focused around calls from students from Professor Seavey Winter 2005 classes.
  • Rexanne Becnel interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Becnel, Rexanne (2006)
    Tiger Eye Readin Room host, Charley Seavey, interviews Rexanne Becnel at the ALA Convention in New Orleans. Rexanne is the author of numerous romance and historical fiction titles, including 'The Payback Club'.
  • James Nelson interview 

    Seavey, Charley; Nelson, James (2006)
    Tiger Eye Reading Room host, Charley Seavey, interviews James Nelson at the ALA Convention in New Orleans. Jim is the author of 'Benedict Arnold's Navy'.

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