• Hillary Leigh interview 

    McClelland, Elliott; Leigh, Hillary (2008)
    This chapter presents some of the issues and considerations for effective succession planning and management (SPM) interventions. It explores the uncertain nature of succession itself and research and practice-based evidence ...
  • Ingrid Guerra-Lopez interview 

    McClelland, Elliott; Guerra-Lopez, Ingrid (2008)
    What doesn't get measured, doesn't get effectively managed. In performance improvement, a professional typically conducts measurement in the context of a needs assessment, causal analysis, monitoring, formative evaluation, ...
  • Judy Hale interview 

    McClelland, Elliott; Hale, Judith (2008)
    Hosts John Wedman and Elliott McClelland interview Dr. Judy Hale, from Hale Associates, on the topic of her chapter, outsourcing. Outsourcing is a strategy for optimizing resources. This chapter discusses the pros and cons ...
  • Michelle French interview 

    Wedman, John; French, Michelle (2008)
    Employees engage in job crafting when they actively create what their job is physically, socially, and psychologically. Job crafting has been shown to be a means for effectively improving emotional well-being in organizations. ...
  • Miki Lane interview 

    Wedman, John; Lane, Miki (2009)
    Job aids are dead! Job Aids are dead! Long live performance aids! Now for all of you who have used or still use job aids, please don't burn this chapter. While the title may be provocative, I postulate that the term job ...
  • Ryan Watkins and Doug Leigh interview 

    Wedman, John; Watkins, Ryan; Leigh, Douglas (2009)
  • Scott Schaffer interview 

    McClelland, Elliott; Schaffer, Scott (2008)
    Understanding how to support people working on teams has become a matter of urgency for many organizations. Globalization has created information, communication, and technological challenges and opportunities that require ...