• Craig Adams interview 

    Wedman, John; Adams, Craig (2005)
    Dr. Wedman speaks with Columbia, Missouri teacher Craig Adams about applications of science in teaching.
  • Dan Devine interview 

    Wedman, John; Devine, Dan (2005)
    Dr. Wedman interviews long-time Columbia teacher Dan Devine about the use of technology in a ninth grade social studies classroom.
  • Dean Klempke interview 

    Wedman, John; Klempke, Dean (2005)
    Dr. Wedman talks with Columbia teacher Dean Klempke about the use of technology in a middle school science classroom. Mr. Klempke discusses how he uses online software to teach his students about kinetic and potential energy.
  • Kevin Rogers interview 

    Wedman, John; Rogers, Kevin (2005)
    Dr. Wedman interviews Columbia teacher Kevin Rogers about how he uses technology in his language arts classroom.
  • Laura Diggs interview 

    Wedman, John; Diggs, Laura (2005)
    Dr. Wedman interviews Laura Diggs of the eMINTS project, which is run by the University of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Missouri Department of Higher Education. They ...
  • Lucy Appleton interview 

    Wedman, John; Appleton, Lucy (2006)
    EDgeTech host, John Wedman, interviewed the following student in the Introduction to Technology in Schools course: Lucy Appleton, instructor, Business and Marketing Education, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Matt Villasana interview 

    Wedman, John; Villasana, Matt (2005)
    Dr. Wedman interviews Columbia teacher Matt Villasana about the use of technology in the elementary school classroom.