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    Excretion balance, metabolic fate, and tissue residues of N-Phenyl-N'-1,2,5-Thiadiazol-3-Ylurea (Photothidiazuron) in rats [1]
    Fatty acid composition of bovine lipids as influenced by sex and management [1]
    Federal crop insurance -- a case study in Audrain County, Missouri [1]
    "Filter for optimization of stochastic processes" [1]
    Financial conditions facilitating growth in local farmer cooperatives [1]
    The impact of the '76 Tax Reform Act on farmland valuation for federal estate tax purposes [1]
    Implementation of time optimal digital control [1]
    In vitro digestibility of cellulose and chemical composition of preferred foods of Missouri white-tailed deer [1]
    An inventory control model for fertilizer retailers [1]
    An investigation of the economic impact of the Ozark Dairy Management Component on low income dairy farmers [1]
    An investigation of the mid-Missouri regional planning commissioners perception and acceptance of regional planning [1]
    Live animal performance and carcass characteristics of bulls versus steers [1]
    Model for the thermoregulation of sea lions [1]
    P-v-t properties of liquid n-octane [1]
    Phosphorus availability and algal production in waste water [1]
    Physiological monitoring - an experimental evaluation [1]
    The prediction of concentration and residual stress due to high temperature electroplating [1]
    Program for optimization of experimental data within a constrained configuration [1]
    A proposed set of alternative end-products for an electronic data processing farm accounting and managerial information system [1]
    A re-evaluation of the kernos, with special reference to the kernos in Demeter's rites [1]