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    ¹⁴C-DDT dynamics in a cold water model food chain [1]
    Cement dust as an absorbent for so2 removal from stack gases [1]
    Child pain rating after injection preparation [1]
    Chronology of pair formation and breeding biology in the wood duck [1]
    Dedolomitization in the Taum Sauk limestone [1]
    Densities of spherical molecules and their mixtures [1]
    Development of a multiple-specimen, reversed-flexure fatigue tester and its application to the testing of titanium sheet [1]
    Direct search for the optimum of a simulated process continuing noise [1]
    Economic analysis of potato, corn, and wheat response to nitrogen and phosphorus application in the highlands of Ecuador [1]
    The economics of land disposal of municipal effluent [1]
    The effect of hypnotic suggestion on visual evoked potentials [1]
    Effect of sulfur dioxide treatment on wheat straw digestibility [1]
    The effect of the room design on problem-solving ability in small groups [1]
    Effectiveness of a specialized advertising agency among black consumers [1]
    Electrodynamic field effects in heterogeneous catalysis : ammonia synthesis [1]
    Excretion balance, metabolic fate, and tissue residues of N-Phenyl-N'-1,2,5-Thiadiazol-3-Ylurea (Photothidiazuron) in rats [1]
    Federal crop insurance -- a case study in Audrain County, Missouri [1]
    "Filter for optimization of stochastic processes" [1]
    Financial conditions facilitating growth in local farmer cooperatives [2]
    The impact of the '76 Tax Reform Act on farmland valuation for federal estate tax purposes [1]