Items in this collection are public presentations made by Office of Research staff, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Animal to human health collaborations : the path forward 

    Forsee, Gary D.; Deaton, Brady J.; Duncan, Robert V.; Marcusse, Bob (University of Missouri (System), 2010)
    University and business community leaders discussed lessons learned from the summit and charting a road map forward.
  • Chief Research Officers Panel [videorecording] 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Arshadi, Nasser; Bonewald, Lynda F.; Duncan, Robert V.; Kiel, Cindy; Krishnamurthy, K.; Tait, Raymond C.; Terranova, Paul F.; Guikema, James; Bloedel, Jim (University of Missouri (System), 2010)
    Video of Chief Research Officers Panel from Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit 2010. Institutional strengths, successful collaborations, and future opportunities are discussed.
  • Welcome and keynote address [videorecording] 

    Forsee, Gary D.; Deaton, Brady J.; McCaskill, Claire; Danforth, William H. (University of Missouri (System), 2010)
    The Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit 2010 opened with remarks from Gary Forsee, President of the University of Missouri System, Dr. Brady Deaton, Chancellor of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Senator Claire ...
  • Invited speakers panel day 2, Dr. Sayre and Dr. Duncan [videorecording] 

    Sayre, Richard Thomas; Duncan, Robert V. (University of Missouri (System), 2009)
    Dr. Richard Sayre spoke about biomass resources, including the potential of microalgae to provide a renewable fuel. Dr. Robert Duncan addressed the need for objective scientific method when evaluating new technologies, ...
  • University of Missouri chief research officers panel [videorecording] 

    Carney, John F.; Arshadi, Nasser; Duncan, Robert V.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Morgan, William T. (William Thomas), 1941- (University of Missouri (System), 2009)
    The Chief Research Officers of the University of Missouri's four campuses present an overview of topics related to the four tracks for the Missouri Energy Summit 2009: Power Generation; Transportation and Biofuels; Energy ...