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    3D printing of energetic material
    Accurate DNA microsatellite and microRNA detection with a biological nanopore
    African American female aspiring journalists and the lack of African African American female television news directors and producers
    Altar kulture
    Analysis of the economic value associated with the adoption of beef reproductive technologies
    Analysis of the parallel seismic method for foundation reuse
    Angling the truth : how sponsored content and media framing impact the charter school movement
    Applying a "hypocrisy" strategy to improve food safety practices in restaurants
    Artificial intelligence enabled automatic traffic monitoring system
    Assessing the quantitative and qualitative differences between 3D point clouds produced from lidar and structure from motion
    The audience as gatekeepers on Facebook : why consumers of local news share stories
    Automated conflation framework for integrating transportation big datasets
    Axial load transfer in large scale physical model drilled shaft foundations
    Blackouts made visible : a visual-textual analysis of Sarah Glidden's comics journalism
    Bursting your (filter) bubble how personalization is changing the way you perceive reality from the information you consume on social media
    CBFM (community-based forest management) : participation and perceptions. a case study in Malang, Indonesia
    Changes in nucleus accumbens gene expression accompany sex specific suppression of voluntary physical activity in aromatase knockout mice
    Chinese government's public health crisis response strategies on social media platforms : a comparison between 2016 expired vaccines crisis in Shandong and 2018 Changchun Changsheng fake rabies vaccine crisis
    Comeback coverage : thematic content in the news media's reporting on Donald Trump's attacks
    Concentration and consolidation : how chain ownership affects newspaper front-page content