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    Ablation of conceptus PTGS2 provides a new understanding of early pregnancy events in the pig [1]
    Accurate DNA microsatellite and microRNA detection with a biological nanopore [1]
    African American female aspiring journalists and the lack of African African American female television news directors and producers [1]
    Altar kulture [1]
    Analysis of the economic value associated with the adoption of beef reproductive technologies [1]
    Analysis of the parallel seismic method for foundation reuse [1]
    Angling the truth : how sponsored content and media framing impact the charter school movement [1]
    Applying a "hypocrisy" strategy to improve food safety practices in restaurants [1]
    Articulatory motor performance as a function of phonetic complexity in Parkinson's disease [1]
    Artificial intelligence enabled automatic traffic monitoring system [1]
    Assessing the quantitative and qualitative differences between 3D point clouds produced from lidar and structure from motion [1]
    Association between urinary iodine concentrations and insulin resistance in US adults [1]
    The audience as gatekeepers on Facebook : why consumers of local news share stories [1]
    Automated conflation framework for integrating transportation big datasets [1]
    Axial load transfer in large scale physical model drilled shaft foundations [1]
    Blackouts made visible : a visual-textual analysis of Sarah Glidden's comics journalism [1]
    Bursting your (filter) bubble how personalization is changing the way you perceive reality from the information you consume on social media [1]
    Caregiver choice in alternating treatments [1]
    CBFM (community-based forest management) : participation and perceptions. a case study in Malang, Indonesia [1]
    Changes in nucleus accumbens gene expression accompany sex specific suppression of voluntary physical activity in aromatase knockout mice [1]