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    Habitat associations and distributions of endemic crayfish in the Meramec River drainage
    Have "right", be "right" a study of the religion of consumerism
    Healing centered yoga : an adjunct clinical intervention pilot study : trauma and chemical dependency
    Helping behaviors in alcohol related emergencies among University of Missouri students
    The high cost of living : death and social identity of Missouri's historic Columbia cemetery
    How media and communication graduates find jobs
    How syntactic structure and cue position affect working memory for connected discourse
    Hybrid logistic and confined exponential growth models : estimation using SEM software
    "i saw the striped couch"
    Improved cloning efficiency by chemically induced metabolic reprogramming of donor cells used for porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer
    Indicators of journalistic role performance on Last Week Tonight
    Information and communication technologies : applications and benefits for second language acquisition
    The institutionalization of the technology field with journalism
    Integrated regional enstrophy and its correlation with regime transitions in the Northern Hemisphere
    Investigating the organizational decision making responsible for corporate social responsibility initiatives
    Investigations of the forage nutritive value of common weeds encountered in Missouri pastures and their relationships with soil fertility
    Is breastfeeding related to maternal warmth and acceptance among Saudi mothers?
    "Life is harder" : the perceived impact of a newspaper closure on community members
    Lines in the sand : navigating native advertising through magazine professionals' policies
    Literature didactics : how to use literature in a foreign language classroom (with examples for the German Andenglish language classroom)