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    Magnitude of STING Signaling Determines CD8 T cell Memory [1]
    Marginalized memories : Lafayette, American others, and revolution's legacy [1]
    Metabolic responses of meniscal tissue to collagenase stimulation [1]
    Methods of imaging articular cartilage under shear [1]
    The million dollar question : a quantitative analysis of audience uses and gratifications in digital magazines [1]
    Modeling pedestrian crash severity in St. Louis using random forests and mixed logit techniques [1]
    Modeling social connectivity and the spread of the 1918-1919 flu through Inupiat and Yup'ik communities of western Alaska [1]
    Moderators' modus operandi : a rhetorical, qualitative analysis of the 2016 presidential debate moderators [1]
    Motivation in the apparel classroom : a self-determination perspective [1]
    Musica Universalis : the pursuit of pure abstraction [1]
    The mysterious equity behind charitable giving : a case study examining corporate sustainability initiatives and perceptions among multi-stakeholder groups [1]
    Nach p��?dagogischen ��?berlegungen texte f��?r den daf-unterricht chronologisch neu strukturieren [1]
    Neotectonic and geophysical investigation into the active growth of the Avawatz Mountain Front, California [1]
    Novel alkaloid management strategies for improved beef cattle production in the fescue belt [1]
    Novel approach to assessment of efficacy of platelet inhibition by clopidogrel and aspirin in healthy dogs [1]
    Novel DNA Adducts- Chemical Reactions that Model the Generation of interstrand cross-links between a Guanine Residue and a 3'-alkenal end product in duplex DNA [1]
    Novel syntheses and behavior of precious metal nanoparticles [1]
    Optimal design of the limb in compound bows [1]
    A partial equilibrium model of Afghanistan wheat market [1]
    Peptide amphiphile micelles vaccines for cell-mediated immune response induction [1]