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    Nach p�dagogischen �berlegungen texte f�r den daf-unterricht chronologisch neu strukturieren [1]
    Neotectonic and geophysical investigation into the active growth of the Avawatz Mountain Front, California [1]
    Novel alkaloid management strategies for improved beef cattle production in the fescue belt [1]
    Novel approach to assessment of efficacy of platelet inhibition by clopidogrel and aspirin in healthy dogs [1]
    Novel DNA Adducts- Chemical Reactions that Model the Generation of interstrand cross-links between a Guanine Residue and a 3'-alkenal end product in duplex DNA [1]
    Novel syntheses and behavior of precious metal nanoparticles [1]
    Optimal design of the limb in compound bows [1]
    A partial equilibrium model of Afghanistan wheat market [1]
    Peptide amphiphile micelles vaccines for cell-mediated immune response induction [1]
    The perceived role of Twitter in young adults' political participation during the 2018 midterm elections [1]
    Performance tests on asphalt mixtures at multiple temperatures and development of pavement temperature maps [1]
    Picturing race in local newspapers [1]
    Pixel level pavement crack detection using deep convolutional neural network with residual blocks [1]
    Pro-environmental behaviors, sustainable advertising, and persuasion theory : a qualitative study on brands as an gent of change [1]
    PRO3DCNN : convolutional neural network for mapping protein structure into folds [1]
    Productivity and mortality of Acacia mangium willd. plantation with associated bark beetle and Nitidulid beetle in east Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia [1]
    Quantification and characterization of the antitumoral agent taccalonolides isolated from black bat flower (tacca chantrieri) in Indonesia [1]
    Quantifying evaporation of precipitation below the cloud base using a vertically pointing radar [1]
    Readers' perceived credibility and attitudes toward custom and consumer magazines [1]
    Region based object detectors for recognizing birds in aerial images [1]