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    Seasonal fish community and reproductive biology of fishes in two tributaries of the lower Missouri River, USA [1]
    A sense of where they were neoliberals and the Democratic Party in an Era of Challenges and political transformation, 1978-1989 [1]
    A ship set sail from me [1]
    Shock tube experimentation utilizing advance diagnostics for the study of an impulsively accelerated multiphase cylinder [1]
    Simulation of trickle bed electrochemical reactor for hydrogen peroxide synthesis [1]
    Simulator study of ridesharing pickup and dropoff area design and evaluation of benefits and applications of tethered surveillance drones (TSDS) [1]
    Site preparation for longleaf pine restoration on hydric sites : stand development and ground flora responses 15 years after planting [1]
    Social media usage news consumption, behaviors, and online civic reasoning among Generation Z [1]
    Social media use during power outage events [1]
    A sociophonetic study of Cape Girardeau, Missouri English [1]
    Software automation for research and training in neuroscience [1]
    Spatial and disease ecology of the plains spotted skunk [1]
    A specificity principle of memory : evidence from aging and associate memory [1]
    A study of bacterial ribosome 70S complex using smFRET analysis [1]
    A study of how political candidates use persuasive messages on Twitter, specifically toward women voters [1]
    A study of individuals' satisfaction of destination attributes during incentive travel with a moderating role of travel group composition [1]
    A study of the factors that affect lithium ion battery degradation [1]
    A study of the Kansas City Chiefs crisis communication during the national anthem protests [1]
    The survival and growth of shortleaf pine systems in the Missouri Ozarks : effects of competition, genetics, and site preparation [1]
    Symbiotic or destructive? : an analysis of the metaphors about journalism in American films during the 1990s [1]