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    Site preparation for longleaf pine restoration on hydric sites : stand development and ground flora responses 15 years after planting
    Social media usage news consumption, behaviors, and online civic reasoning among Generation Z
    Social media use during power outage events
    Spatial and disease ecology of the plains spotted skunk
    A study of bacterial ribosome 70S complex using smFRET analysis
    A study of how political candidates use persuasive messages on Twitter, specifically toward women voters
    A study of individuals' satisfaction of destination attributes during incentive travel with a moderating role of travel group composition
    A study of the factors that affect lithium ion battery degradation
    A study of the Kansas City Chiefs crisis communication during the national anthem protests
    The survival and growth of shortleaf pine systems in the Missouri Ozarks : effects of competition, genetics, and site preparation
    Symbiotic or destructive? : an analysis of the metaphors about journalism in American films during the 1990s
    Texan City magazine health news : a content analysis
    Textual analysis of online magazine framing of screen time use in young children
    Time, the river, and the mountain : ecology and technology in Finnegans Wake
    Transmission of teen pregnancy attitutdes between mothers and adolscent daughters
    Understanding patterns and motivations of women using Facebook for birth control information
    Use of multimodal stimuli to facilitate associative memory in older adults
    Using a group decision method to judge the value of blockchain for an enterprise in supply chain
    "Using stereotypy as reinforcement" : for alternative behavior in a chained schedule
    Weak phase retrieval and phaseless reconstruction