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    Analysis of best practice procedures to prevent sudden death in high school athletics : a regional assessment. [1]
    Analysis of factors that affect pseudotyping in retroviruses [1]
    Applications of ancestry estimation in cattle population genetics [1]
    Applied problems in frame theory [1]
    Approaches for unveiling the kinetic mechanisms of voltage gated ion channels in neurons [1]
    Aptamers against viral proteins as a tool to answer biological questions [1]
    Are social media bad for your employees? : effects of at-work break activities on recovery experiences, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction [1]
    Assessing perceptions of parents' communication accommodation in relation to sexual and gender minority adult chidren's child-parent communication apprehension and mental health [1]
    Atypical localization of Eph-RTKs in childhood cancer rhabdomyosarcoma [1]
    Automated and non-contact human finger range of motion measurement system [1]
    Battles for branding : political marketing and U.S. Senate debates [1]
    Bayesian non-parametric methods for benefit-risk assessment and massive multiple-domain data [1]
    Becoming within entangled spaces of artistic practice, an illustrated autoethnography [1]
    Behavioral economic indicators of Greek student drinking : the role of social environment and perceived norms [1]
    Behavioral responses of drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) to olfactory and visual cues [1]
    The belief in meritocracy predict well-being of low status college students when perceiving discrimination? [1]
    Between the old and the new : Friedrich Gentz, 1764-1832 [1]
    Biophysical characterization of the structure and flexibility of the E. Coli ribosome [1]
    Bottle fly : poems [1]
    Brain catalogue [1]