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    Science frictions : science, folklore, and "the future" [1]
    Semi-analytical terminal and automatic approach and landing trajectory planners for unpowered reusable launch vehicle [1]
    Shapley-like values without symmetry [1]
    Sharp things, or the silver lines are not scars [1]
    A silent children's rights movement : an exploration of resilience in former foster children [1]
    Simulation and optimization of low impact development for mitigating combined sewer overflows associated with climate change [1]
    Simulation of multiple-component charged aerosol evolution [1]
    "Sin mujeres no hay revolución" : transversal feminist politics in the digital mediated activism of the Argentine collective Ni una menos [1]
    The single black mother as an asset : a qualitative study based on black motherwork narratives [1]
    A socioecological perspective : the "ups and downs" of living with type 2 diabetes among working adults in the rural south [1]
    Staying, moving, or leaving : exploring how authentic leadership, school culture and climate, and attributes of trust and efficacy affect teacher longevity [1]
    Strategies for metal colloidal nancrystal synthesis in sustainable media [1]
    Structural inferences for reverse transcribing viruses and drug resistance [1]
    Structural, biochemical, and inhibition studies of proline biosynthetic enzymes [1]
    Student perception of the impact of financial aid on student career preparation activities that improve career readiness [1]
    Study of magnetohydrodynamic effects for the richtmyer-meshkov instability [1]
    The study of privacy issues in the use of cloud storage [1]
    Switchgrass responses to manganese availability [1]
    Symptoms, walking behaviors, and mobility of Thai patients after colorectal cancer surgery [1]
    Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of peptide receptor-targeted diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for prostate cancer [1]