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    A comparative numerical study on the failure evolution at different simulation scales [1]
    Comparisons and extensions of reduced form and structural approaches to retirement decision of Missouri public school teachers [1]
    Competency-based professional development : a case study of how recruiters perceive undergraduate business students [1]
    Computation of fission product deposition in aerosols [1]
    Computational linguistics using social media to understand immigrant sentiment in the United States [1]
    Conflict-affected women's discourses about access to higher education [1]
    Conservation biogeography of lotic fishes in the Missouri and Colorado River basins [1]
    Considering cultural factors in the links between disclosure and relatinship quality in U.S. Latinx families [1]
    Coordinating the overall stomatal response of plants : rapid leaf-to-leaf communication during light stress [1]
    Cotton and maize primary root growth responses to water deficit : comparative physiological and metabolic analysis [1]
    Course placement : its impact in a Midwestern region school district on achievement, curriculum, instructional strategies, expectations, and perceptions of the program [1]
    Cover crop effects on corn plant water uptake and soil health [1]
    Custodial grandparents : an analysis of parenting and its impact on health [1]
    Dangerous weapons : arms transfer, interstate conflict, and dependence [1]
    Data mining and machine learning methods for chromosome conformation data analysis [1]
    Data-driven methods for analyzing ballistocardiograms in longitudinal cardiovascular monitoring [1]
    Decision theory and sampling algorithms for spatial and spatio-temporal point processes [1]
    Deep neural networks for animal object detection and recognition in the wild [1]
    Defending an indirect normativity of belief [1]
    Defining recurrent laryngeal nerve injury in a mouse model for regenerative therapeutic investigations [1]