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    The design of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for single molecule techniques [1]
    Design of global sustainable supply chains [1]
    Detecting latent mean differences between non-invariant groups using ordered categorical variables [1]
    Developing computational thinking competencies and natural selection understanding thorough unplugged algorithmic explanations [1]
    Developing molecular genetic tools for gene discovery in soybean (glycine max) [1]
    Developing new techniques to synthesize layered cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries [1]
    Development and analysis of a socio-scientific reasoning assessment : application of computer automated scoring and rasch analysis [1]
    Development and initial validation of the Latinx well-being scale [1]
    The development and validation of the disaster adaptation and resilience scale [1]
    Development of a scale for evaluating screening tests for cancer : attributes patients emphasize (escape) [1]
    Development of active food packaging materials incorporated with nanocellulose and investigation of their toxicity [1]
    Development of an amenable system for site-specific addition to a maize chromosome [1]
    Development of an experiment for investigating the magnetohydrodynamic richtmyer-meshkov instability [1]
    The development of clinical reasoning in undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students [1]
    Development of high protein soybean experimental lines with enhanced sulfur amino acid content [1]
    Development of selective high-affinity fluorescent sensors for imaging neurotransmitters and application in cells and tissue [1]
    Dis/embodied leadership : intersections of leadership and social class [1]
    Discourse structure as the scaffolding of stance structure : developments of a central concept in a central site of discursive interaction in bioethics [1]
    The distribution of financial responsibility within the family and its effect on family risk behaviors [1]
    Do teacher ratings of their principals influence their own evaluation scores? : an examination of classroom observation scores from the network for educator effectiveness [1]