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    Development of an amenable system for site-specific addition to a maize chromosome [1]
    Development of an experiment for investigating the magnetohydrodynamic richtmyer-meshkov instability [1]
    The development of clinical reasoning in undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students [1]
    Development of high protein soybean experimental lines with enhanced sulfur amino acid content [1]
    Development of selective high-affinity fluorescent sensors for imaging neurotransmitters and application in cells and tissue [1]
    Dis/embodied leadership : intersections of leadership and social class [1]
    Discourse structure as the scaffolding of stance structure : developments of a central concept in a central site of discursive interaction in bioethics [1]
    The distribution of financial responsibility within the family and its effect on family risk behaviors [1]
    Do teacher ratings of their principals influence their own evaluation scores? : an examination of classroom observation scores from the network for educator effectiveness [1]
    Docosahexaenoic acid and lipid peroxidation products : insights from studies with microglial cells and mouse brain [1]
    Does being real pay off? : examining the impact of perceived authenticity in crisis communication [1]
    Donor-acceptor copolymers and sol-gel processable zinc oxide for thin film transistors and hybrid photodetectors [1]
    Dual path electromechanical transmission for off-highway vehicles [1]
    Dynamic agent safety logic : theory and applications [1]
    The early imperial ceramics as evidence for life at Roman Sardis [1]
    The effect of exit exams on college enrollment : a state level analysis [1]
    Effect of gender and generation on objective and subjective retirement income adequacy at three points in time [1]
    Effect of irrigation on fertilizer nitrogen requirement, economic returns, and water availability in a corn-soybean rotation [1]
    The effect of the flexible modular schedule on student academic achievement, student behavior, and student development [1]
    Effectiveness of functional communication training paired with a chained schedule of reinforcement in the reduction of challenging behavior [1]