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    The early imperial ceramics as evidence for life at Roman Sardis [1]
    The effect of exit exams on college enrollment : a state level analysis [1]
    Effect of gender and generation on objective and subjective retirement income adequacy at three points in time [1]
    Effect of irrigation on fertilizer nitrogen requirement, economic returns, and water availability in a corn-soybean rotation [1]
    The effect of the flexible modular schedule on student academic achievement, student behavior, and student development [1]
    Effectiveness of functional communication training paired with a chained schedule of reinforcement in the reduction of challenging behavior [1]
    The effects of exercise on organizational and personal outcomes : a work-home resources perspective [1]
    Effects of Indigenous-focused curriculum on elementary students' engagement and cultural identity [1]
    Elucidation of the genetic control of carbohydrate partitioning in Zea mays [1]
    Empirical analyses on the effects of economic incentives on teacher retention and teacher quality [1]
    Engineering novel biomolecular materials for therapeutic peptide payload delivery [1]
    Essays in applied economics [1]
    Essays on applied macroeconomics and monetary policy [1]
    Essays on behavioral finance [1]
    Essays on labor market policies in Korea [1]
    Essays on return predictability and active management [1]
    Establishing a foundation for large DNA transfer to artificial minichromosomes and B insert platforms in maize [1]
    Evaluation for ammonium bifluoride dissolution for application to post-detonation nuclear forensics and rare Earth element extraction [1]
    Evaluation of a tier 2 internalizing intervention : the resilience education program [1]
    Examination of biological factors that mediate the influence of physical activity on palatability driven feeding [1]