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    Federated multimodal simulators in transportation [1]
    Feeding the beast : macroeconomic drivers of leadership responses to foreign policy action and the gendered consequences for human trafficking [1]
    Feminist or 'racist or whatever' : exploring mixed messages in (post)feminist 'women's comedy' [1]
    For the love of God and country : nation-building and the (re)gendering of emotions in Francoist Spain [1]
    Forage production and diversification for climate-smart tropical and temperate silvopastures [1]
    Formulation development of a novel antivirulence compound for enhanced pharmocokinetic properties [1]
    From access to equity : student and instructor perspectives of ITV instruction [1]
    From unique killers to a jumbo genome - isolation and characterization of phages that infect the plant pathogen, Agrobacterium tumefaciens [1]
    Fully automated deep supervised and unsupervised learning approaches for 3D protein cryo-EM density map reconstruction [1]
    Generating social capital in first-generation students through a first-year seminar at a midwest university [1]
    Genetic and microbiota-mediated phenotype variability in the min mouse model of human colorectal cancer [1]
    Global DNA methylation analysis in relapsed Pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia [1]
    Goal setting in Missouri's model evaluation system [1]
    God's words in the language of men : the professionalization of the Southern Baptist Press [1]
    Great expectations : a qualitative study of selection, school preparation, and implementation of a professional development program [1]
    Green synthesis approach and applications of engineered nanomaterials in food safety [1]
    The helpers' tale : a phenomenological exploration of helping behaviors across cultural divides [1]
    How financial decision-making changes when a marriage ends : evidence from the 1992-2016 health and retirement study [1]
    Human rights in presidential democracies : does a runoff rule reduce repression? [1]
    Human trust model of collision warning through pupillary and electromyography responses [1]