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    The helpers' tale : a phenomenological exploration of helping behaviors across cultural divides [1]
    How financial decision-making changes when a marriage ends : evidence from the 1992-2016 health and retirement study [1]
    Human rights in presidential democracies : does a runoff rule reduce repression? [1]
    Human trust model of collision warning through pupillary and electromyography responses [1]
    Identification of a novel extracellular adenosine 5'-triphosphate receptor in Arabidopsis thaliana [1]
    Identification, characterization and use of novel thermogenetic tools in drosophilia melanogaster [1]
    Imaging structural and mechanical properties of articular cartilage using optical polarization tractography [1]
    Imaging-based customization of lattice structures for biomedical applications [1]
    Impacts of artificial light and melatonin signaling pathways on behavior and skeletal physiology in mice [1]
    Impacts of the state 4-H Council experience : a phenomenological study [1]
    The imperial cult and the individual : the negotiation of Augustus' private worship during his lifetime at Rome [1]
    Improving object recognition in aerial image and ambulatory assessment analysis by deep learning [1]
    Improving protein structure prediction by deep learning and computational optimization [1]
    Increasing self-efficacy in risk assessment and management of suicidal clients : training perspectives from mental health providers [1]
    The influence of coaches' personal factors on the impact of coach education [1]
    The influence of the coastal front on heavy rainfall events along the east coast [1]
    Insights into atomic orbital polarization in polyatomic dissociation from DC slide velocity map imaging [1]
    Instructor formative assessment practices in virtual learning environments : a posthumanist sociomaterial perspective [1]
    Instrumental music teacher perceptions regarding student self-regulation of music learning [1]
    Integrated clinical decision support : assessing opportunities and outcomes [1]